“As the author of more than thirty published novels (many under best-selling pseudonyms), I’ve had a lot of experience with different publishers. Now, entering the bright new world of online publishing, I have discovered the unparalleled virtue of dealing with Integrative Ink. In every way, Integrative Ink has helped to bring my books into digital form, applying the editorial skill, care, and imagination that I’d always hoped to find with traditional publishers. With I.I., their book design, copy editing, and cover work are absolutely first rate, as is the free advice I’ve received about posting, promotion, and marketing choices.

“I’ve had the especially good fortune of dealing with Stephanee Killen, the founder and principal, at Integrative, and I believe she is nothing less than ‘Mother Teresa’ to authors orphaned by the fast-moving changes in the publishing business.”

Robert Rosenblum
New York Times Bestselling author of “Johanna Kingsley” and “Nicholas Conde” novels. Read his latest, DIE, DIE, DIET—published under his own name—on Kindle or Nook, and watch for THE RELIGION and dress me not in mourning, for Kindle

“The team at Integrative Ink are masters in design, integrity, and customer service! As a best-selling author who is also an artist, it was most important that my book represent my vision and mission. They listened to exactly what I wanted my product to represent. Not only did they follow through professionally and on time, but they also exceeded my creative requests, delivering above and beyond what I expected. My book is a product of which I am proud; it is a true work of art.”

RD Riccoboni, One of America’s favorite artists and author of
The Big Picture, A Seven Step Guide for Creativity in Business

“From the first moment that I dreamed of becoming a published author, I knew that I needed assistance, guidance, and most important, a caring, nurturing, professional editor. For many months, I sincerely searched to find the perfect person to be my literary guide. I found all of these qualities and far more with Stephanee Killen, senior editor and designer for Integrative Ink. From the first moment we spoke, her knowledge, kindness, and caring manner convinced me that Integrative Ink was the right organization to handle all of my publishing and editorial needs. Stephanee showed me how to write my story in a compelling, concise, clear manner. The dedication in my book simply states, My heartfelt appreciation to Stephanee Killen of Integrative Ink, my literary guide, for having the ability to challenge me to become a better author. With Integrative Ink’s assistance, my book was published, sold over twenty thousand copies, and will soon be made into a major motion picture by Cinepro Pictures.”

Alex Daoud
Three-time mayor of Miami Beach
Author of Sins of South Beach

“I have had the opportunity to work with Integrative Ink several times over the last five years, and I have been thrilled with their services. Having utilized their services for copyediting and formatting—and a variety of other ‘can you help me?’ situations—I found the work to be thorough, accurate, thoughtful, and very efficient. At every step, the professionalism and efficiency helped me meet deadlines, and at the same time create a great product. I would highly recommend them, and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Lee Kessler
Owner, Brunnen Publishing
Author of White King and the Doctor and White King Rising

“Integrative Ink not only gave me impeccable service and quality editing, formatting, and cover design, but it was also very reassuring to feel I was in the hands of publishing professionals who insured that my book was being packaged for success. I was very impressed with my edit, and more improvements were made than I expected. My format, cover design, ebook, and Kindle were excellent and included a level of consultation that gave me a finished product of the highest standard.”

Peter Kane
Author of The Monogamy Challenge: Creating and Keeping Intimacy

“Integrative Ink was incredible to work with—efficient, professional, and the quality of their work is brilliant. Can’t wait to send them my next book project.”

Kelli Wilson
Author of The Clutter Breakthrough

“Not only did Integrative Ink do an excellent job in editing/formatting my book but they also showed extreme patience in working with this newbie. I learned a lot from them (it almost became a basic college course for me). Looking forward to working with Dave and Stephanee in the future.”

Cezar Del Valle
Theatre Talks, LLC
Author of The Brooklyn Theatre Index Volume I and The Brooklyn Theatre Index Volume II

“I’ve been extremely pleased with the work of Integrative Ink and the professionalism of its employees. When formatting my book, they made great suggestions and even went as far as to create different options for the back cover for me to choose from. The extra work showed great creativity and a willingness to go a step further than what was necessary to make an outstanding end product.”

Ross Inman
Author of The Path of Saints

“Integrative Ink provided proficient, professional, and affordable services to The Webster’s Press in the publication process of The Websters’ Dictionary: How to Use the Web To Transform the World. We receive many complements on the high professional standards of the book itself, consistently noted to be at the level of quality of mainstream publishers. That has been a crucial element in the book’s success, with thousands of copies downloaded from its companion website, http://thewebstersdictionary.com.

The publication of The Websters’ Dictionary was instrumental in establishing the credibility that allowed dozens of editorial features by its author to be published in newspapers and elsewhere, and, among other honors, led to the selection of the author by the World e-Government Association, of Paris, in connection with http://politicsonline, to receive the trophée international de la e-démocratie 2010 as one of the ’10 who are changing the world of politics and the Internet.'”

Ralph Benko
Author of The Websters’ Dictionary

“When I think of Stephanee Killen and Integrative Ink . . . superlatives fail me. Professionalism. Patience. Reasonable fees. Flawless formatting. All this (and more), plus Lulu’s quality publishing—unbeatable. My fellow-poets send me their productions—no comparison. When Integrative Ink came along, I was sixty-six; I’d published for years in little magazines and anthologies. I wrote peculiar poetry for a minuscule readership (still do). My niche-market was more like a perch; I was fading, and fast (still am). In the five years since, we’ve done eight books—poetry, fiction, and my collected songs—each project with unique challenges and every challenge met, thanks to Stephanee and Integrative Ink. (Another’s in the works—just to let you know.) My Lulu storefront glows. A respected Salt Lake City bookseller’s happy to stock my stuff. I get reviewed; I even get read (a little). This old poet’s life is good—even better—thanks to Integrative Ink.”

R. A. Christmas
Author of When it Snowed in Pasadena, A Long Spoon, Housebroken, Hungry Sunday, Driving on the Lake Bed, The Kingdom of God—or Nothing! (poetry); the fiction (collected stories); and Bawdy & Soul (song-writing).

Cataclysm in Blue Water garnered a 2010 National Indie Excellence Award in Historical Fiction. As a first-time author, the array of information and web sites offering to edit or pitch or publish my freshly-completed manuscript overwhelmed my senses. The industry bombarded me with information to digest and process. It quickly became apparent that I needed to sift and sort through a massive amount of material with a high degree of caution and intelligence.

Does this sound familiar to you? Though I had edited and re-edited my manuscript countless times, little doubt remained in my mind that I needed a professional to comb my words and sentences and paragraphs and chapters with a sharp and finely-honed human instrument.

After receiving a recommendation and reviewing a sample chapter edited by Integrative Ink, my reservations melted away. Integrative Ink guided me with the professionalism and wisdom I sought every step of the way. The final product produced an Indie Award. Without hesitation, I recommend Integrative Ink to any author.”

Renee Louise Johnson
Author of Cataclysm in Blue Water

“Integrative Ink MADE our books look professional while smoothly interfacing with the authors. As an author, I appreciated the ‘care and feeding’ of our work that resulted in remarkable products. Their presentation enhanced the value way beyond the fees charged. Thanks for the fantastic work helping us create books [four so far] that truly reflect our expectations.”

Pete Swan
Co-author Step Zero: Getting Started on a SCUBA Photo Trip, Step Zero II: Preparation for a SCUBA Live-aboard Trip, National Security Space Strategy Considerations, Space Elevator Systems Architecture

“I’ve used the services of Integrative Ink twice—the first time because after shopping around, I was unhappy with the other companies’ inaccessibility and a lack of response; and the second, because I was so happy with the experience that I’d had with Integrative Ink the first time that I used them. Integrative Ink is accessible throughout the process, always responsive by telephone or email, and although my particular project posed some problems, Integrative Ink knew how to address them, explained my options, and worked with me. With Integrative Ink, there are people at the other end of the phone—people who will listen, explain, and deliver what you want and give you and your project personal attention. I can’t recommend them highly enough, and if ever again I need editors or formatters or any service that they provide, there’s no question but that I’ll return to Integrative Ink. The personal touch coupled with the utmost in quality and professionalism is why.”

L. Charles
Author of Entre encinas y jaras >> Carlos y Miguel >> Among Holm Oaks and Rockroses

“This being my first experience publishing a book, I feel so fortunate to have worked with Integrative Ink. Stephanee and the staff were so helpful, and my book would not have looked so great without their expertise and guidance. All the suggestions on layout and format really made my book look professional. In addition, they are incredibly patient and easy to work with. The experience was a pleasure!”

Maria Tabone
Author of The Holistic Root to Managing Anxiety

“Integrative Ink has been a tremendous blessing to me in the editing, formatting, and cover design of my books. I am getting compliments from all across the country for the outstanding design of the cover of my new book Midnight. I highly recommend them to anyone desiring to publish a book. Their knowledge and professionalism will make the process a positively memorable one. God Bless”

Fidel M Donaldson
Author of Midnight
Manager, OurGV

“Being a first time author, my expense and wasted time was a bumpy road. I was wondering if I’d ever find a professional company to take care of my needs in time for my release date. I came across the Integrative Ink website and e-mailed Stephanee Killen. I was impressed with the promptness of returning my reply. That was a plus in my book, but it was that way all the way through their work, once we got started on this project. The layout, over all, turned out great. Thank you, Stephanee, and your team. They are a step above the others, and I will use Integrative Ink again on my second Headhunter book. First book released Sept. 28, 2010 at Ingram, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon.com, and my website : www.unveilingtruth.net.”

Kelvin Williams
Author of Headhunter