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Our free sample layout allows you to review professional design choices or request revisions to the basic layout before making a final decision or finalizing your project details. Design quotes will include total job fee, turnaround, and possible start dates. If you are already working with a publisher or printer, we will work within their specific layout guidelines. (There is no obligation to purchase a service.)

Fill in the fields or check the boxes that apply. It is generally recommended that you submit your manuscript in its final form. This allows us to complete the sample on finished work so that once you approve the basic design elements, we can simply complete the remainder of the design process without the need to start over. (If you submit only a portion of the work, please note that your manuscript must still be complete unless you are requesting copyediting services. If your book is still in the revision stage, please hold your submission until it is complete. We DO allow for editorial revisions post-design, but these should be kept to a minimum, if possible.) If you need assistance with the form below, or if you would like to speak with someone about the layout of your manuscript, please contact us.

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