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Profile: East of the Web offers writers a high quality location to publish their work. The website receives half a million unique page views per month, so this site offers high visibility for authors wanting to gain exposure. East of the Web also receives attention from agents and other publishers. Authors may also receive comments from other authors and readers.

Publication Needs: Genre is not specified; however, the publisher will only consider original, high-quality writing for publication. Work should be submitted in its best form.

Story Length: No specific word limit is noted. East of the Web recommends submitting stories, which the author considers to be in the form of a short story. EOTW does not accept extracts from novels, unless the piece is complete in itself.

Rights Purchased: East of the Web does not require exclusive use of an author's submission. Publication affords authors the opportunity to be contacted by other publishers. Author grants East of the Web a non-exclusive license to publish the work.

Payment Terms: No payments are listed. East of the Web offers authors exposure on a quality site.

Submission Guidelines: Review Terms and Conditions prior to submitting work. Author must be owner of the copyright. Submissions should be e-mailed to East of the Web following their specific guidelines, which are listed at:

Response Time: East of the Web will confirm receipt of submissions within one week.

Publisher's Notes: East of the Web recommends that author's review their website prior to submitting in order to get an idea of the quality and type of work published. All work submitted should be under copyright protection. They also note that failure to adhere to the submissions guidelines will "severely decrease" the chances of a submission being viewed.

All information listed regarding short story markets is subject to change. Please refer to the publisher's guidelines before submitting your work to any publication.

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