Kindle & ePub Book Design

What we do:
We specialize in book design, not just book coding and conversion! Our designers can match a currently existing print layout or work with you to format your manuscript for publication on the Amazon’s Kindle™, the B&N Nook™, the Apple iPad™, and others. This provides you with the greatest number of options—choose a fast, standard design for your basic text or a highly customized layout for more complex work.

Custom eBook Design – $1.00/page

Match your current print book layout, include special design embellishments, graphics, list elements, links, and more!*

  • ePub and Kindle formats
  • Front cover optimization and placement
  • Linked Table of Contents
  • Metadata inclusion

Plus additional design options…

*Please note that certain complex elements may require an additional fee for conversion, in which case, a designer will contact you to discuss layout options / For pricing considerations, we use standard manuscript page sizes at 350 words per page.

  • Design to Print Version or New Design
  • Scene Breaks (line break, line break with symbol, or graphic)
  • Raised Caps
  • Drop Caps (supported by ePub only)
  • Small Caps
  • Images/Tables (first 20 included free)
  • Text wrapping (may not be supported on all devices)
  • Subheadings
  • Block Indented Text
  • Bulleted/Numbered Lists
  • Special Fonts
  • Column Conversion
  • Image Creation from Content
  • Image for Chapter Header (custom image chapter header)
  • Mixed Margin Settings
  • HTML Linking of endnotes/web addresses (first 20 included free)