Cover Design

If you have images or ideas for your book cover but do not have the necessary software or design experience to put it all together, we will take your existing high-quality images or design concepts and create a professional, printer-ready cover. All of our covers are one-piece, wraparound, including front, back, spine, and barcode. (You may request a two-piece cover if your publisher automates the spine and barcode for you.)

Choose from the following cover design options:

Cover Conversion — $75.00 (paperback only)
Do you already have a completed cover, but it’s been rejected by your printer for being the wrong size or file type? We may be able to help. Depending on the level of adjustment needed, you may be eligible for our simple cover conversion service. This includes converting covers created in Microsoft Word.

Basic — $80.00 (paperback only)
This is the simplest and quickest cover option, for text-only, softcover design. Best choice for small books or first-run test copies. All text must be supplied by the author.

Standard — $199.00 (paperback) / $259.00 (jacket hardcover)
This is the first level of professional cover layout, including text and images. Authors may supply 1-2 high-resolution images for placement, along with text.

Premium — $399.00 (paperback) / $459.00 (jacket hardcover)
Allows for a higher level of customization and style choices. Authors may supply up to three high resolution images for front and back cover placement, along with text.

Premium Plus — $499.00 (paperback) / $529.00 (jacket hardcover)
This service works best for authors who have an idea of what they want for their cover but do not have images to provide, or authors who may wish to supply an image but would prefer a designer to make additional recommendations. Authors may consult with a designer, or we will work to provide you with stock images from which to choose based on your ideas.

Do You Need Images For Your Book Cover?
Search millions of high-quality, royalty-free stock images at the best prices to fill all your book design needs. Start here! or Request a free book cover evaluation!

Package Discounts
Build your own publishing pack! Bundle formatting services and cover layout and get up to 10% off. Bundle copyediting, formatting, and cover layout and get up to 20% off. (Discount is based on service levels chosen.)

We offer significant price breaks on bulk cover orders. If you are a publisher submitting for completion of more than one cover, please contact us for information on price breaks.