Premium Select Book Design

Premium Select Interior Book Design
Starting at $599.00
Turnaround: 2-3 weeks

Add customizable elements to our Premium professional layout. Includes placement of 40 images/tables (more may be added), organization of lettered/numbered lists and subheadings, enhanced layout options, and a free revision set. This level of formatting works best for manuscripts consisting of complex elements, increased graphic content, or specific design requirements. *Additional charges will apply for Full Bleed Custom Color Interiors.

When you purchase the Premium Select interior design option, you may choose from the following basic and custom elements:

  • Trim Size: 4.25×6.88, 5×8, 5.25×8, 5.5×8.5, 6×9, 7.5×7.5, 7×10, 8.5×8.5, 8.5×11, or request custom size.
  • Main Body Font: Minion Pro (our default font), Cambria, Garamond, Calisto MT, Times New Roman, Georgia, Palatino Linotype, Bookman Old Style, Calibri, Arial, Tahoma, and Trebuchet MS. (You may also request custom fonts and mixed font types within the main body.)
  • Main Body Font Size: Any.
  • Line-spacing: Single or Enhanced (1.15, 1.25, 1.5, 2.0).
  • Design Embellishments: Drop caps or Raised caps for chapter opening text. (Main body font will be used.) In some cases, a chapter page image may be added. Small caps may be used to begin chapters or new scenes. Scene break symbols may also be requested. Fully customize.
  • Running Heads:Alternate book title/author name; book title/chapter title; choose no running head; or customize.
  • Folios: Page numbers may be placed in running heads or running feet, customize style.
  • Images: 40+ images/tables.
  • Display Type: Customize your display type (text for chapter headings) from the font list above. (You may also request a custom font for chapter headings or your title page.)
  • Display Type Layout: Chapter headings may be centered (standard) or left-justified. You may also choose between small caps (standard) and all caps.
  • Subheadings: Standardized layout for your document’s multi-level subheadings. (Your subheadings should be clearly defined.)
  • Table of Contents: Standard or custom single-level table of contents; multi-level; no table.

Let Our Designers Do the Rest!

  • Page and margin settings, including gutters, to best suit the needs of your manuscript.
  • Front Matter, including proper setup of your title page, half-title page, copyright notice and disclaimer, acknowledgments, dedication, table of contents, preface, foreword, or other introductory pages.
  • Chapter headings will be standardized with a common font, size, and layout or customized to the author’s preference.
  • Running heads will alternate author name/book title. (You may also choose no running head.)
  • Page numbers will be automated and set in running heads/feet—your choice.
  • Text will be fully justified; paragraphs will be indented; and line spacing will be set to single or Enhanced spacing.
  • All layouts include a FREE printer-ready PDF for publication or print. You may use this file to submit directly to your publisher or printer!

I have had the opportunity to work with Integrative Ink several times over the last five years, and I have been thrilled with their services. At every step, the professionalism and efficiency helped me meet deadlines, and at the same time create a great product. I would highly recommend them, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Lee Kessler, White King and the Doctor

Free Sample Format!

We will provide you with a free custom sample format and quote (this includes a printer-ready PDF), along with an initial consultation with a designer. Our free sample layout allows you to review professional design choices or request revisions to the basic layout before making a final decision or finalizing your project details. Formatting quotes will include total job fee, turnaround, and possible start dates. If you are already working with a publisher or printer, we will work within their specific layout guidelines. (There is no obligation to purchase a service.)

Contact a designer or use our Sample Format Request Form to submit your manuscript.


All listed prices are base rates and may change based on manuscript page count or custom requirements.